Wednesday, November 6, 2019

More details on Projects Pogo, Zyphr and the "A.I. Program"

Project Zyphr

We have been in contact with one of David Goldberg's friends, a man named Tom (whose name appears in this video about David's notes and later his voice in this video about David's phone recordings), and he has agreed to share with us many more details of his relationship with David, his knowledge of what is known as "Project Pogo" and "Project Zyphr" as well as new information on a previously unrevealed "A.I. program" underway.

Tom has answered many questions we asked of him via email and phone, and he has also provided an audio recording of himself describing in detail a great deal of information. Please view our latest video on YouTube for that recording, titled, "Details on Project Zyphr, the A.I. Program & how to prepare (VIDEO)"

Tom had originally first viewed David's videos beginning in April of 2019. He left a comment asking David to email him. David deleted his comment, but he did email Tom and they began a correspondence.

Tom claims a military friend of his had independently shared with him classified details that seemed to match up with some of the things David was saying in his videos. For Tom, this was strong confirmation that David's information was legitimate.

Below are some bullet points on what Tom has shared with us, and what will be revealed in the video and audio file he gave us. Phrases in quotations below are Tom's words verbatim, shared with us either in phone conversations or emails.

Tom's relationship with David Goldberg

1) Tom has asked that most of his personal information be obscured. He allowed us to share that he is from Oklahoma and has a military background. He wanted to add that David helped him financially, and that he and his family is "very safe and very protected now." He said he owed David "everything" and that his family is alive because of him.

2) Tom first viewed David's videos in April of 2019. He says David's perspective on the Trump Administration "matched up" with a few things his military source had shared with him. From there, Tom left his email in a comment and asked David to write him. David deleted the comment, but ended up emailing Tom.

3) Both men began to talk via email and later over the phone, and it became immediately apparent that they both had access to the exact same information. In David's case, the Project Pogo & Zyphr files had been directly given to him. In Tom's case, they had been described, but not named, by his military source.

4) Tom says his military source "without any doubt" had described to him Project Pogo & Zyphr, the same operations David had possession of in the form of classified documents.

5) Tom says David used a "clever method" of confirming the information through Tom's military source, as well. Tom had spoke with his source during the month of May, and asked specific questions David had instructed that he ask; in doing so, the source confirmed David's information.

6) In their many conversations, Tom says David described his Jewish heritage, spoke glowingly, at first, of Israel (and later became critical of it), and also spoke of his decades working in the Jewish community. Tom said, "David was one of the most proud Jews I ever met, and to me it was inspiring in a way to hear of his love of his people. I'd never had any issue with Israel myself, I always thought they were the USA's greatest ally or something. Seems like I always believed that. As time went on, it's like David and I had this shared awakening, as new information came in. David knew a lot more than I did, a hell of a lot more than he even let on in his videos. I saw his heart change in his final days. He recognized the evil and rejected it, while I got an education myself on Israel."

7) Tom says in his conversations with David that "[David's] views started to change" and he seemed to "come around" to share Tom's personal political views. Those political views were aligned with what Tom describes as "the patriot movement." Tom said in championing his own love of America in their conversations, David "seemed to warm up to the idea of our concept of freedom, seemed to recognize he had enjoyed it himself as an American most of his life. I like to think I helped him see things differently, just like he helped me see things differently."

8) Tom told us he trusted David and came to respect him, and he says he misses him and was devastated to learn of his passing. He says they spoke "at least thirty times" over the phone and quickly developed a strong rapport and friendship. He said David had repeatedly told him that both of their lives were in danger.

Tom's relationship with his military source

1) Tom claims that his source is a high ranking military official who has been feeding him classified secrets for many years. He says this individual is in a position to have access to these secrets. He says the information this individual has provided has never been wrong. Tom would not elaborate on how he knew this individual or the nature of their relationship.

2) Tom says his military source only shares information with him in person, and never "goes out of his way" to meet him or do "anything that would seem out of the ordinary." He says his source is "monitored so closely that they can hear all of his conversations in his home" and that all of his electronic communication is monitored.

3) Tom said this military source "has to speak in code a lot of the time, and it's an off-hand code we've developed over the years, where one word means something else. It's probably why he never used the specific project names."

4) Tom said he believes "they know he's spilling the beans but we do our best to maintain secrecy anyway." Tom didn't know why this would be allowed, or if he was certain it was known, but that they both felt "they were on to us to some extent, we're just not sure how much or if they feel it's actionable yet. If you publish this and all this stays up, we'll probably find out, because this is the first time I've really talked or let this out. For years, I kept those conversations to myself and my wife and kids. I've got permission from him to do this, so I'm doing it."

5) Despite looming threats and increased attention, Tom felt he was safer now than ever "because of what David did for me, what he led us to. It's like the promised land. Not only did he help us financially in a very significant way, he led us to something that will bear fruit for us far into the future." Tom did not wish to expand on this matter any further but felt it was appropriate to give David "his due credit," in Tom's words.

Specific details on Projects Pogo & Zyphr, and the newly-revealed "A.I. program"

We asked Tom for more specifics on these projects. We asked him to relate what he was told from his source, separate from David's information. He provided the following:

1) Tom claims he was told in "code terms" during a conversation with his source that some kind of "round up" was planned for "patriots" in the year 2021. He was told this in December of 2018, far in advance of meeting David.

2) Tom says his source was deeply concerned, and indicated it was "something that had been in the works for decades and they finally wanted to get it done." He said by "get it done" that meant a "cleansing" of the population, as in, extermination or culling. He added, "People think that's shocking, even though mass killings by governments occurred all throughout the 20th Century. We're so deluded we think it can't happen to us."

3) Tom said three phases were to be used, including a flu virus outbreak, power outages, and physical round-ups. (All three phases are also listed in the classified documents David obtained and that Friends of David Goldberg now possess. As we have recovered many audio files between David and Tom, it is clear to us that Tom did indeed have separate information outside of what David had told him about these projects.)

4) Tom said there was also an A.I. program, that his source told him about, but that is not contained in the documents David possessed. This program was designed to replicate the individuals who would be "culled" or "murdered," via social media later on. In other words, the plans are such to analyze the targeted individuals, their data, their likenesses partly through the T.T.I.D. program (discussed in this video), and create an A.I. profile that would later serve to "replace" them in the online world.

5) Tom said the "A.I. plot" was the "craziest" thing he had ever heard of. He said he was told this plan is in place for multiple reasons, the main one being that "they need to keep down the panic when all these people vanish during the round ups and flu outbreaks." He said it's so many people they want to "get rid of" that they are willing to create these "fake online personas so that their friends and family think they are still alive, or don't suspect anything. Once all this goes down, I think it's going to be without a lot fanfare. It sounds bad, but with this A.I. project, I'm seeing how this can be pulled off and you'll have a lot of people end up 'disappeared' but no one will really know. I think California, right now, is a test run. They're doing these fires, outages, and eliminating patriots right now and replacing them with this A.I. system."

6) Tom said the technology exists to not only replicate their online behavior and personalities, but also their voices and physical features. He said "they can make a fake phone call from your father, who they've already killed, and you will think he's still alive" and that "they can also create a fake video conference call or face time call."

7) Tom indicated this "A.I. plan" had more uses to it, and that they specifically want to do a "test run with this big extermination, then later implement it more precisely." He said "they will find someone they don't like, kill them, then replace them with these A.I. avatars that serve to convincingly replicate everything about them online, over the phone, and in video, except for their actual physical existence."

8) Tom said "in the future people will be online so much, that your physical relationship with a person will be a much smaller part of that relationship." He said the "long-term plan is to get everyone so connected to the internet that people won't physically meet up anymore." He said Israel and the U.S. Government want this because it "gives them so much more control because now they can just eliminate people, create new A.I. versions of them, and people won't figure it out unless they physically try to track them down and can't find them."

9) Tom said the technology does have limitations, but will be "very useful for getting rid of patriots who are dependent on radio, Youtube and social media, where their physical existence isn't something people rely on to know them." He said it will not work for people who spend most of their time connecting with people in real life but that "there are active plans to phase this out, to where people are more disconnected physically than ever."

10) In Tom's own words in an email to us, he stated, "First, they do Pogo to track everyone with T.T.I.D., to set up all the shill channels, to bring them in, lure them in with the correct information, all these things David talked about. Then they do Zyphr to wipe them out, with the three phases, and then they replace a bunch of these patriots with A.I. versions so nobody's the wiser. So nobody suspect [sic] they are really gone, because lo and behold, their channel still exists, the uploads keep coming, the voice is the same, the likeness is the same on video, it's all the same, even the phone calls to friends or colleagues, it all seems the same. The only way anyone figures it out is not being able to see that person in real life, but the A.I. will come up with clever evasions as to why that person can't meet in real life, or be at a real world conference, or meet for dinner. This charade can go on forever. Meanwhile, no investigation is done for all the missing, dead patriots, because nobody even believes they are gone because they are still making phone calls, sending texts, tweets, making videos! Law enforcement sure as hell won't care. It's totally insane."

11) Tom said he thinks "this A.I. thing is part of Zyphr" but that David's portion of the documents he possessed didn't contain it, or the section talking about it.

12) Tom said he told David about the A.I. program, and David agreed it was possible but had no information on it.

13) Tom said his military source said the "tech is easily there to do it, they are perfecting it every day, it's absolutely crazy how powerful it is, how convincing. They can create a virtual 'you' online and you would think that person was your mother, or father, or child, and you wouldn't know. You would see their Facebook, you would face time with them, you would talk on the phone, you wouldn't know! They're already talking about so-called 'deep fakes' which anyone can Google to see how they work, and what they really want to do is kill certain people and replace them using some of that technology. The only limitation is you can't physically meet this A.I. in person, but they are working on that, too, in terms of cloning and such."

14) We asked about cloning, and Tom said, "They can do it, but not with a recently deceased patriot who got wiped out in the power outages or round-ups, that's too tall a task right now. What they are really focused on is biometric humans, and their next step is trying to grow someone's face and placing it on a pre-formed body. They've also experimented with killing a person, removing their face, and placing the dead person's face on an android, but this hasn't worked at all. It's failed miserably. So, what they really want is to be able to just get your DNA and grow your face quickly, but this is a huge challenge. At minimum, it takes two or three years and the results are not good, but it will get there. Now, you are getting to where you can kill a person and replace them physically, but they haven't quite gotten there. They are close, though. You've heard of Ancestry, where you send in your DNA sample? That is a very big project of theirs. It's all controlled by Israel, all of those companies. Now they have the DNA of millions of people, plus their personal info. If you've sent in your DNA to anyone, you just gave up your rights, and now they can replicate you. They're also looking to 'phase out' certain undesirable races, or change them, lessen them, weaken them. This all serves that."

15) We asked about timelines, and how certain Tom was that this would take place in the next two years. He told us, "My source thinks it's going to happen but might get a little delayed, because there's all these problems right now in the financial system that has them in a real panic." We asked him to expand on what he meant by that, and he said, "They lost some control over the whole thing, and it's coming undone. Some banks they need, or didn't think would fail, they are failing. This is impacting some of their offshore accounts, it's impacting these intel budgets. Let me just put it this way, money is being moved around in a panic like never before, from one bank, to another, trying to find stability. We're talking tens of Billions a day, this black project money." He went onto say he expects "Zyphr to happen no matter what" and that "if anything, this financial situation might accelerate it, or cause them to push something else crazy." He said the "financial system is a total scam and it got away from them a little, and they're trying to reign it back in. Maybe God is working in such a way that their own greed and lust for power will be their undoing? I pray that is the case. Sometimes there's a glimmer of hope. One thing they do love is Bitcoin, moving money around there. Black project money. Millions and millions moving around everyday. If you look at that market, you'll see this money moving, and it's so astronomical there's no explanation for it. It's not regular trading. Watch the trades, these exchanges, well, they're in on it, too. I'm not sure if the price will go up or anything, people are always asking me that and I don't know that answer. I just know, they like Bitcoin and it will be around."

16) Tom added, relating to disinfo projects, "They've got five hundred disinfo projects running at once, all designed to confuse, subvert, distract, neuter America's backbone and resilience. The whole thing is so deep, you can't even believe it, but I'll give you an example. Think of a magazine called Men's Journal. Heard of it, right? They are bleeding money for years, but their magazine is pretty polished. Who's funding it? Ok, the CEO, he's an Israeli, I'm just putting that out there. But what's my point? The magazine doesn't make money and has had dropping subscribership for years, it's down to 25,000, I heard. With that in mind, did you know they mail out 22 Million copies of that magazine to male households in the USA every month? It costs them a fortune, and that's the black project money funding. Most aren't subscribers, of course, almost none are, but they will get notices each year, something like, 'Here is your free trial subscription.' See, they are bleeding money, nobody wants to pay money or subscribe to it, in some cases people just can't afford it, or they don't like the content, but they mail out millions of these magazines anyway! Not only that, they are put in doctor's offices, in barber shops, everywhere. Why? Because between those pages is the handiwork of Israel's finest minds, crafting programming for America's men, subliminal programming that serves their agenda. Read it carefully, there's a lot in there about climate change and other political stuff. No one would ever suspect or guess something like Men's Journal serves some other purpose, but it does, right in plain sight. The rabbit hole goes deep, and people aren't looking in the right places or seeing what they need to see. They take all this at face value, 'Oh, that company is successful.' Is it? Or is just a failure, and funded with black project money? Things are much crazier than people realize, much crazier. They love to promote these completely unsuccessful companies, get the public believing they are successful or important. Some of this was done with Apple, by the way."

17) We asked Tom about guns, as we have had many comments on David's channel from people claiming they will fend off something like Project Zyphr because they are armed. Tom stated, "The guns are nothing. The guns are sticks compared to what they've got. If you want to beat them, you have to have information. Most of the patriots are clueless, following pied piper Trump. The guns won't save them, won't protect them, won't do anything. The government doesn't have much interest in banning guns, just some special interest Democrat groups. It's not really on the agenda. If they wanted it done, it would be done. About twenty years ago they realized that letting patriots cling to guns actually helped their agenda, because it provided a false sense of security. I'm all for the Second Amendment myself, I'm completely for it, but we're beyond that. The real power is information, organization, knowledge, money, owning land. That is the real power. If people are truly informed, now we are a real threat, far beyond our guns. If people organize and have underground basements, bunkers, with provisions that aren't easy to find, now we're in a better position. Not fail safe, but better. Besides all that, their tech is so advanced they can send in a small drone and disarm you, make the gun inoperable. They have nano tech, too, they have sound weapons, they have mind-control devices. The guns are more dangerous in terms of patriots fighting and turning on each other, or family members killing each other, than even the slightest threat to the military."

18) After this response, we asked Tom for suggestions on how to stave off this terrifying future, and he said, "There isn't much most of these people can do. But if they are going to do anything, it should be to get informed with the right information. Stop following the news, and that includes Fox News. Stop following the pro-Trump blogs and sites, stop believing it, because they are all Israeli Hasbara operations. Their main job is to keep you distracted with D.C. drama, most of which is nonsense between the two parties. If you are wrapped up in that, whether you are Democrat or Republican, now you are under their control. David taught me a lot about this, in fact. David knew a lot about this. Now, the biggest thing, that is being properly prepped. It's almost impossible without money. You need land, a good chunk, and you must have an underground basement, it needs to be sizable. You need provisions. You need good cover, as in, you need to not be obvious. You need to appear as a non-threat, but that's hard to do now because of T.T.I.D., now they know everything. You can do it, but without a lot of money, you can't afford to take the steps you need. If you really want to protect your family, you need to be in South America, and I mean really south. I'll leave it at that. We were confronted with all these challenges, and I didn't have enough money to do what needed to be done. All my assets added up to a hundred thousand, and it wasn't enough. So David stepped in, took care of us. It wasn't just us he did that for, either, he did it for a lot of people he knew."

19) We asked for further details on the power outages. Tom said, "It's obvious what they are doing in California. Now, who ever heard of power outages because of fire season? Unheard of, doesn't even make a lick of sense, does it? They also tested these energy weapons in Santa Rosa. They can incinerate anything. Why do they care about your guns, when they can just vaporize your entire house and call it a forest fire? They murdered a lot of people, some of them patriots and nobody cares at all. Anyway, they have to get people a little more conditioned to power outages, so when they really roll these out, people will accept it as normal. The main purpose of the outages is to work in tandem with the round-ups. They want to do these specific round-ups because, for whatever reason, I've heard, they want some of these people alive, and they want them in camps. All the camps are underground. So, the power goes out, you're a little confused, maybe panicked, now a van or truck shows up in the black of night, you cling to your AR, you think you are defended, and zap, a little drone cuts a hole in your window, flies inside, you don't even notice it at first, and before you know it, you're out cold. You took a whiff of whatever that drone put into the air, and it knocked you out. Or it shot you with a nano dart, you couldn't see it or feel it. Now your gun is meaningless. Now they walk right in, pick you up, your family, put you in the truck, you're gone. The A.I. system is then turned on, and your normal social media activity carries on. Your phone sends texts the next day. Nobody thinks to check on you. People think you're still alive. Eventually, a family member will notice nobody's home, but now the A.I. sets up some narrative about how there was a break-in, and you're on a little mini vacation to Disneyland just to be safe. Then, the A.I. posts fake photos of you at Disneyland, with your family. Meanwhile, you're really in an underground base somewhere, being tortured, your kids being raped in front of you, or God knows what they have planned for you. If that scenario sounds crazy, well, I just gave you the mild, conservative version."

20) We were curious about how the A.I. can explain away people not showing up for their jobs, not being physically present anymore, so we pressed a bit more on the issue. Tom replied, "What jobs? If you look around, a lot of people actually aren't working. The low unemployment numbers are fiction. They do not even count people not in the workforce, not looking for jobs, and other fuzzy math to move the numbers. Reality's very different. But this is the agenda. Their goal is to get people separated from each other, alone, on devices, on computers, all day, and break apart the family unit. They are very close to that goal. Anyway, to be more specific to your question, the A.I. is not capable of replicating a person's real world presence, it can just do everything else. It's enough, in many cases, to eliminate investigations, questions, inquiries. You're forgetting that the A.I. can create realistic photos, face time, video conferencing, videos. Now, your neighbor sends you a holiday video card from vacation in the Caribean [sic] and now you think, 'Oh, they're ok, nothing to worry about.' People are so consumed with themselves and their personal drama and financial stress, they don't have time to launch some investigation to see if their neighbors are really alive or not, even if they suspect something. Law enforcement won't care or listen, especially since they've already got stand-down orders not to look into vanishing patriots. There's a list of these people, names, it's sent out to top law enforcement people, and they know, 'Don't waste your time on these names,' don't go there. Threats are effective, threats work. If you know you'll lose your job, your kids, your life, you don't ask questions."

21) We wanted to know more about the viral outbreak, so we asked. Tom's response, "Well, you ever notice Wal-Mart and a bunch of other stores just give out these flu shots for free? Yep, anyone who has gotten one can now be exterminated easily. Why? There's nano devices in the vaccine. The nano devices do all kinds of little functions, but namely their purpose is to kill. They can remotely activate them and kill you instantly, and also produce some symptoms, like a severe flu or disease in fact, anything. The military is much worse, because they're forced to take them. So every patriot, good guy in the military, they are good as dead right now. They all have the nano devices in their bloodstream. The only way to disable them is to live in a lead-lined room. That eliminates the signal from the satellite in space to tell the nano device to activate, to kill. Or, you can leave the country, get as far away from the USA and Israel as possible, and you might get off their radar. But like I said, they use satellites to send the signal. Your best hope is, again, to drop off the grid and hope you get forgotten."

We asked if Tom believed he and his family had these devices, and he said he didn't think so, as they had not gotten any vaccines in the past five years. He said the nano tech has only been introduced in the past few years.

22) We inquired more about timelines, how these operations will be executed, and Tom replied, "They're already taking place. David's gone. Other people are gone, you just don't know it. They're in the early testing phases of all of this tech. You might be following someone on YouTube, you see they are still posting videos, you hear their voices, you see their faces, and you think everything is normal. Are you sure about that? The people who are real threats, like David, they are focused on them. David told me all about this. The people who aren't part of their disinfo operations. The people not on the payroll. If you really pay attention, you'll find a lot of very small channels that have been suppressed, that lose subscribers constantly, whose videos are blocked, hit with violations. Those are the ones they are targeting. Why David's channel is still up, I don't know. It could be, and David talked about this, it could be how they tell the truth before they do whatever it is they plan to do. He speculated that. He said, 'How did I get these documents, why am I allowed to let this get out.' But he really wasn't allowed, they eliminated him but they've allowed the channel to go on. Maybe there's some good guys on the inside, or maybe they want it shut down but haven't moved on it yet. I have no idea, I guess I'm just thankful as hell it's still here and the word is getting out. We're out numbered but there are good people in all these places. My military source is one, there's others. If people want to know, they should search Zachary Vorhies, just type that in. That guy's a hero. There's a guy on the inside of Google, doing the right thing. There's others."

23) Tom had mentioned he had been told about more classified projects from his source, unrelated to Project Pogo or Zyphr. We asked what these projects were. He replied, "There's three others I've been told about, that I talked a little about with David. They concern disinfo projects, Internet projects and more or less surveillance. What you'll notice now and then is that your computer is doing funny things, the kinds of things that didn't happen in the past. You'll see your phone do this. You'll wonder why technology seems a little more screwy and unreliable than it did, say, five years ago. All of that is their A.I. systems probing your devices, scanning every bit of information, placing it on a server in Israel. It's way beyond NSA stuff, which was more geared toward mass collection of data, and not personally cataloging or profiling every person. What they are doing now is a profile of every human being. These weird glitches are that process. Beyond that, they talk about the Internet of Things, they push things like Siri and Alexa onto to people, this is for total surveillance, top to bottom, of your life. They're not worried too much about the masses, either, but they don't want to take chances. They are monitoring, closely, shifts in perceptions, opinion, and the influence of the web and the popularity as of late of alternative sites, truth seeking, all of that's gotten more popular. They noticed and took action, co-opted it, they have their controlled ops in place to control the narratives. Very effective, very powerful. There's hardly a single voice you can trust now. They can't have the general public really waking up, particularly to Israel or other deeper truths. They feel they have to suppress it."

"I saw a comment on David's channel, somebody said this is all fear, trying to put fear into people. Yes, it's fear, but it's knowledge. You have to act. My family acted. With David's help, we're safe, and safe in ways you probably wouldn't guess. Not just physically safe. Another way they are doing all this is to sap you financially, so you're living in desperation, paycheck to paycheck, on the fumes of debt. If you're in that place mentally, you aren't prepared for harsh truths. They want that. Keep Americans stressed, on the edge, we're there right now. The Trump economy is partly fiction. They want this world where half the people are disconnected and online, and the other half working sixty hours a week, too stressed to think. I guess they still need people working to keep the system in place, until the technology is better for robots. I was told in ten years the world will totally change. They still want people around to eat, spend money, consume, but it's different. They want to control their beliefs, spirituality, but even more, their reality. They're playing around with a lot of augmented reality, where you look at something, think it's real, but it isn't."

24) We asked why it was so necessary to kill so many people, and how many people Tom felt that number would be. His response, "These people are a nuisance to them, a problem. You have enough people talking truth, that much online, and the masses start to catch on. When you have half the population idle, at home, on the Internet, now their minds are fertile. They can't have Youtubers speak these truths in an effective way. It's always been a problem. It was a problem with 9/11, so they introduced a ton of paid shills to muddy the waters, confuse people, discredit everything. Now with this Israel stuff, I'll just call it that, I won't use other terms, people started connecting the dots. This irritates them. They want extermination, they want some of these people kept alive and put in camps underground. They see you and me as just flies, just worm food, to them we're nothing, but we do have power. They hate the power we have, and that is the power of knowledge, truth, to act. We could win this, but it takes conviction. They're a little worried. That's why you see the full spectrum dominance mentality, hitting from all sides. They are taking no chances."

"The amount they want to take out is at least 20 Million. David had different numbers. I'm told it's twenty. It's a lot. A lot of good men and women, a lot of patriots. Many will die of disease, others removed and placed in camps. I've been told by my source 50,000 have already been removed the past year, as they are testing this all out. It sounds like a lot but this country has 350 Million people in it. They have a lot of people they're looking at to get rid of. There's more people awake, aware right now than ever before, and they know it and it's a big problem to them."

25) We asked about Trump and David's views on Trump, and what Tom felt. He replied, "David and I had a few arguments on that, but at the same time, my source had said things that aligned with things David was saying. I didn't like it. I voted for Trump, I really liked him, but facts are facts. David and I had a lot of discussions on the agenda, why Trump's doing what he does. David felt he had converted to Judaism, and I didn't totally agree with that. We argued. But at the end of the day, it's sitting right there in front of us. Trump championed 5G, which is one of their number one methods of future control. He's done some inexplicable things. I've just been told, don't believe what you think you see, more or less. What looks appealing to you, if you're a conservative, with this whole Trump thing, is a bigger agenda playing out. David thought Trump was knee deep in it, I felt differently, like Trump's so compromised he'll sort of go along with a lot of garbage because he's either unaware, or they have the goods on him and he does what he's told. We agreed to disagree on some of that. I guess I'm the one most conflicted, because my military source and David's information lined up. It's scary as hell, to think we got this guy in there, leading us, who looks like he's doing some good, but it's just some evil agenda playing out. Makes me sick. My hope, maybe it's a vain or naive hope, is that Trump's got some brains and is steering us away from the worst of it. I just suspect, if he really did that, they would replace him. Maybe they will. But I do know, for a fact, that they like Ivanka and Kushner where they are at now, and want them there."

26) We asked Tom about some of David's notes, if he could shine some light on some of them and his opinions of them. He replied, "I'm glad David did what he did, because those notes hold some keys. I've watched the video. I appreciate what you did, in removing some things, and some personal info. You've been really good on that, really good in protecting us. Whatever instructions David left you, well, you've honored them fully, as far as I'm concerned. We've talked on this, and you have some more and I've encouraged you release them. I know you're hesitant, I know why, but I hope to see a second video on the other notes. People need to know. Hell, I'd repeat it right here, but I've only got what David told me, and my memory isn't good enough to recall the coordinates, numbers, some of the dates, things like that. But you've got them, so I hope they are seen."

This concludes this blog entry. Additional information from Tom will be added this week to this article, as well as a video.

As Friends of David Goldberg, we share no political view or bias. Our purpose is to follow David's instructions and present the information left to us. We make no claim as to the truth or veracity of these claims. Hostile, threatening comments will be removed. 


  1. This is all truly terrifying and definitely ads up with a bunch of AI information I've been looking in to. I wish more than ever I had the means to protect my family.

    1. I have added several of David's videos to my website at Please help promote my site to help educate people of the dangers and threats we face!

      Don't be scared! Be prepared! Know your enemy!


  2. Thank you for posting! All of this coincides with my own research. I'm looking forward to the next video.

  3. Hi Friends of David Goldberg, Is it possible for concerned citizens that you may do some Q & A sessions with you and Tom by email or other means at certain days/times? Thank You.

  4. Whoever came up with this had a very creative and wild imagination. It sounds like it could be done though. They thought of mostly everything. I don't have the money to go run and hide underground in South America some place. I do have several acres that I run a farm on in a very rural area. Im going to stop telling the truth on social media, trying to wake people up. That's my work for my father God, Jesus Christ my savior. I will also continue to work trying to bring folks closer to God and get them to accept Christ and take him into their hearts as their savior. I'm 55 yrs old and they will have to kill me. But that's ok with me because I'll just get to be with my lord in heaven faster. So I'm not afraid. The Fight for humanity continues here. ✝️✝️🙏🙏👍👍❤️❤️👍

  5. Damn! I meant to say,. I'm NOT EVER going to Stop telling, spreading and sharing the REAL Truth on social media!! They can kill me! I'm going to continue to keep working on saving souls for Jesus Christ my lord and Savior. HE will take my soul back home and I could care less if they create some AI Goon out of my looks & personality. Because they Will NEVER get my Soul or Spirit! ✝️✝️🙏🙏👍❤️

    1. I have added several of David's videos to my website at Please help promote my site to help educate people of the dangers and threats we face!

      Don't be scared! Be prepared! Know your enemy!


  6. The fact this is the only place I can find this info makes me think this is legit. Ive never read detail like this or this take on AI and its potential. I think this is 100% real, plausible, likely. I'm def following your work and will wait for more releases. We have a very scary future ahead of us if we dont get serious about this AI threat

  7. Why isn't this being talked about anywhere??!? is there suppression going on? this should be front page news on top alternative and patriot websites yet I SEE NOTHING! it goes to show to find the real truth, you have to really dig. anyway keep up the good work, I'll be following your blog and videos.

  8. I'm aware of AI and know of these nano particulates. They are entering though the air from chemtrails. That's the cause of Morgellon disease.They will use this for control.

  9. Glad to see you evil white christian terrorist filth fearing your own evil selves - Allah is not mocked - you shall reap what you have sown - as prophesied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. They will probably be coming for you too - wakeup, growup, time is short.

    2. Damn idiots all religions are fake made up fairy tales, as soon as the world will get it we will have global peace

      Allah revenge , jew promised land , killing , conquering innocent people lands , christian child raping and child sacrificing , allah's beheadings etc. etc.

      can't you see religion is made like as a weapon , there is no sign of peace and love as religion should be

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  10. To the guy above me now to your god and well pray to ours there's no reason to categorize all white ppl as evil filth buddy evil is everywhere try to be positive not join the dark side we need you over here buddy

  11. These A.I. duplicates are in effect Spiritual Familiar Spirits.
    - Familiar spirits pretend to be the dead who are really gone. This all has a very Satanic ring to it.
    - The Satanists have to tell you what they are going to do, before they do it, it's a Spiritual Law - imposed on the captured Satan when the Lord Jesus Christ conquered him in hell.

  12. I'm following your blog and videos pretty religiously and looking forward to more info. so far you have been spot on and everything matches up with my research. Im also trying to copy some of your content and save it unless it gets taken down, if does I'll post it on my channel and social media accounts .... so far i havent but im prepared to if they mess with you.

  13. I have added several of David's videos to my website at Please help promote my site to help educate people of the dangers and threats we face!

    Don't be scared! Be prepared! Know your enemy!