Thursday, April 18, 2019

WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: War with Iran to use 120,000 US ground troops

Tactical nukes and ground invasion planned for Iran, according to whistle-blower


President Donald Trump and his inner circle are planning an extensive invasion of Iran, according to a source working in the White House.

The plan involves a ground invasion and the use of tactical nuclear weapons, in a campaign planned for the Fall of 2019. Iran will be "wiped off the map" according to the source, and the war effort is expected to cost "two and half times the Iraq War." 

The war will be promoted by the news media and Trump will go right along with it, after an "expected False Flag pinned on Iran, probably something involving the boats in the Strait of Hormuz." The False Flag is an "integral part of the plan" as Iran has reportedly no desire or intent to start a war, according to the whistle-blower.

Trump Administration planning war with Iran
Trump Administration planning war with Iran

The war plans have the White House staff "in an excited tizzy" as war-hawks like John Bolton put the "finishing touches" on the planned strike. President Trump initially showed resistance to the plan, but has since jumped on board with enthusiasm, convinced Iran is an "existential threat to Israel" and as such, a war is required to "eliminate them." 

Further details have been revealed, including:
  • 100 tactical nukes will be used to eliminate the Iranian military.
  • 120,000 U.S. ground troops will be used in the invasion.
  • France, the U.K., Canada, Saudi Arabia and Israel are expected to join a "coalition" in support of the war.
  • CIA assets and counter-intel efforts have been ramped-up over the past year in preparation.
  • A "False Flag" is being prepared to be used before the war with Iran.
  • Propaganda is being prepped by White House and Israeli counterparts.
  • Israel will support the effort and Benjamin Netanyahu was reportedly "smiling ear to ear" during a recent meeting with John Bolton.
  • There are concerns Trump's "base" may resist or criticize the efforts, so further propaganda efforts are being made to "shore up support" for the war.
  • Expected casualties range between 1.2 Million and 2 Million Iranians and 5,000 US troops.

Due to President Trump's close relationship with Jared Kushner, a sense of "sober import" has been placed on the war effort, which is being as a fulfillment of "Jewish prophecy" within White House circles. Many in the White House believe Jared Kushner is the "Messiah" or Jewish "Moshiach" who cannot attain his "throne" until Iran is wiped out.

The White House source is a high level official who has been right about many other things in the past, and their identity has been verified. 

Further information on the war with Iran is revealed in the videos below and on David Goldberg's YouTube channel here:

The information in this article was provided to David Goldberg, a Jewish advocate and fellow at the Jewish Center for Antisemitic Study, by a former White House employee only known by the name of "Isabel". Her story has been aired on Mr. Goldberg's YouTube channel, and she continues to provide valuable information about what is going on in the Trump White House.

Antisemitic attacks against Mr. Goldberg continue, and are documented in his video series. Efforts to block this information and shut down the social media accounts of Mr. Goldberg continue to be an issue.

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  1. "We don’t want another war from Trump – we want our Free Energy and we want to End the Federal Reserve Scam! " And you think Trump is a puppet, when he is not..there are MANY terrorists in Iran, Iraq and all over...the point is even he knows the Fed is bad. Just pray for him. he is a good man and up against more than any other leader ever has been!

    1. So good that he jumps at any chance for a war and thousands of deaths.

  2. I'm sure everything in your article is entirely false. No doubt, the other comment you deleted said the same thing. I don't care if you delete this, by the way. I just want to let you know I see through your Zionist lies, and so do a lot of other people, I'm sure. Why not attempt to live in peace, eh Israel? But to do that, you would have to heal your paranoia. And to heal your paranoia, you would have to trust God to bring to you your daily needs, rather than lie, cheat and steal from others. There IS hope for you.

    1. As if,ships in flames mean nothing...Zionism's bad ok

    2. Karl, your comment makes no sense. How does this video and information serve the interests of radical Zionists who want war with Iran? Mr. Goldberg says he is a Zionist who loves Israel, but he wants peace as you claim to and is trying to warn people of what he believes is a real danger. I just saw a video of Sheldon Adelson proposing to find a desert in Iran that we could nuke as a warning. These people really are that crazy. Or were you commenting on somebody else's comment?

  3. Iran has powerful friends such as Russia and china
    they will not idly stand by
    but maybe this is want you want..destruction of Israel ?

  4. Yes, destruction of Israel is what zionist mafia wants !
    ....and nuke war over europe

    1. All countries with high standards of living, must fall.the nwo calls for all equal, can only happen if the people have no choice. That is why the globalist plan is so simple, any and all chaos is good for their cause.

  5. Trump has totally conned the whole world.
    His name alone tells you what you need to know;
    Quote: "trump (v.2)
    "fabricate, devise," 1690s, from trump "deceive, cheat" (1510s), from Middle English trumpen (late 14c.), from Old French tromper "to deceive," of uncertain origin. ..."

    If people delve into his family and his background, they'll uncover some weird occult things

    And Q is really bad
    Q for Cain (used to be written as Qayin)
    Q for Quetzalcoatl (feathered serpent that eats people)
    Q for CERN
    Watch this video which explains this:

  6. I sincerely hope this is bullshit.
    Tactical nukes? Fucking insane!

    1. Ship false flags has been our go to move, from way back. Tonkin, bay of pigs, pearl harbor. Bin laden etc.fewer witnesses than say, boston marathon

  7. Why are the videos unavailable ?

  8. YouTube quickly deletes truth, so you should start embedding videos directly into your website.

  9. The writer is dead as of this month June 2019.

  10. It is Comedy that anyone thinks that Anyone on this Planet is in charge of Anything.
    The Carnal Mind of man is so Lacking in MULTI-DIMINSIONAL awarness/ it is scary.
    Man has never been in charge of anything. This is Vistual Reality/ the carnal mind is
    aftifical intelligence ( or lack there of ) anyone with any awarness knows that.