Sunday, February 24, 2019

Donald Trump converted to Judaism two years ago, according to White House official

Donald Trump converted to Judaism two years ago, according to White House official 


President Donald Trump converted to Judaism two years ago, and joined the Chabad Lubavitch synagogue in New York City, according to a high-level White House official. 

The story has allegedly been "held" by CNN's editors for months, but is due to be released within the next few days. David Elias Goldberg, a fellow at the Jewish Center of Antisemitic Study, has also interviewed the White House source.

According to the source, Trump was "pushed" by his daughter Ivanka and his son in law, Jared Kushner, to join the faith. At first, Trump resisted, stating it could threaten his base of Evangelical Christian voters. However, he had a change of heart and officially converted in early 2017. The ceremony was held in private, and closely guarded for nearly two years. 

It appears the White House is prepared to slowly release this information, and by Summer, it is expected Trump will fully address his new faith in an evening televised news conference. 

David Elias Goldberg will release his 25 minute interview with this White House official in the coming days on his YouTube channel.


  1. Just confirmation that the world's problems are wrapped up in RELIGION. All the evidence points to a religious war that will create global chaos - and religion looks highly likely to be turned upon by people everywhere as they see religions part in a world that is in freefall because of all that is religion. The history of religion is a bloody one littered with the dead bodies of billions. THERE IS A PRICE TO PAY FOR THAT. Payment is due.

    1. Agreed. And the religion in question is Satanism

  2. Is any body exist in America capable to explain that US isn't Jewamerican, since it's president is Judaist, more than 50% senate's and Congress members Jew plus Israel US dual citizens? Till date US robbed many countries solidarity sovereignty and now it list own solidarity & sovereignty.